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Our Vision & Mission Statement: What does My Girls' Room stand for as a beauty brand?

My Girls’ Room has a mission to raise awareness for pre-eclampsia, infertility and black maternal health.

“The rate of preeclampsia and eclampsia for black women is 61% higher than it is for white women and 50% higher than for women overall”. (www.mdedge.com). Black and Latina women have the highest risk of life-threatening complications during childbirth.
We hope to make the childbirth experience beautiful for WOC of by raising awareness to these issues.
As a brand we strive to break traditional barriers of conventional beauty. We do NOT identify as a cosmetic company but a beauty brand. We stand for diversity, equality & quality in our cosmetic products.
Our products are designed to enhance the beauty that we already possess in a fun, creative and innovative way.
“Believe with all your heart” is our motto. In My Girls’ Room we are dreamers and believers! Your vision is possible with hard work, consistency, and dedication.
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